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You Really Can Repair Your Own Vehicle

You Really Can Repair Your Own Vehicle

Whether it’s a simple oil change or a more complex visit to a mechanic, most drivers often find themselves thinking, “I bet I could do this myself.” The truth is, that for many repairs, you actually probably can, saving hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs.

If you ever feel unsure of yourself when working on your vehicle, we always recommend reaching out to a professional, but we have a quick rundown of repairs and maintenance we think you can perform for yourself.

Tools You Need

Before we go into the kinds of auto work you can take care of at home, it’s important to have a few essential tools on hand. The first one is a tool you may not think has anything to do with auto repair but will be one of the most necessary: the tablet, smartphone, or computer you are reading this blog post on.

Being able to look up manuals and watch videos of repair work is essential for the DIY mechanic and the built-in camera of your smartphone lets you easily take pictures of parts you need before visiting an auto store.

More traditional tools that you will want to have handy include:

  • Torque wrench
  • Socket wrench and ratchet set
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Jack

For the jack, it can be tempting to use the one that comes with your car, but it is not meant for prolonged use. If you do use it for repair work, use some jack stands to take the stress off of it as soon as possible.

Repairs You Can Do At Home

With your tools ready, you an perform many of the following repairs from the convenience of your garage in as little as a few hours:

  • Replacing a worn or broken drive belt
  • Changing your brake pads
  • Replacing your battery
  • Replace an air filter
  • Perform an oil change

The more comfortable you get under the hood of your car, the longer the list gets, but we recommend starting here for our drivers. Start Googling for your car’s model year and get to work.

Follow Tiny’s Auto for More

Every car is going to have tricks or quirks that make it a bit more difficult, but through trial and error, you should be good to go. Just always remember that you can call in a pro if you feel in over your head, and be sure to keep reading Tiny’s Auto for more auto repair tips.

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