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Only Four 2012 Chevy Volts Recalled

Only Four 2012 Chevy Volts Recalled

If you’ve been paying close attention to the news, you’ll have noticed several high profile car recalls. The most notable one was for Jeep where they refused to submit a recall before finally bowing down to government pressure. Now Chevy has sent out its first recall for select 2012 Volt models. And by select, I mean four.

Perhaps the Smallest Recall in History

Chevy found a possible safety issue, but only four cars were suspect. I know hybrids don’t sell so well, but there has got to be more Volts on the road than four! This seems more of a testament to quality Chevy engineering.

Anyway the problem isn’t really a problem yet, but 2012 models with a range extender could have a bad brake-pressure modulator valve. If the modulator valve were to malfunction, the electronic stability control system could possibly fail during an emergency braking scenario.

Chevy received a bad part shipped back from an exported Volt and decided to rather be safe than sorry. A smart move on their part that won’t result in the bad PR Jeep and Chrysler are getting right now.

The Recall Process

Recalls are usually costly, tedious experiences, but this one seems pretty easy. Last week, Chevy simply started to call up the owners of the four models to say they needed a part replacement. Not sure if they reached all of them yet, but they will send out a formal letter in August if they can’t reach one of the owners.

The 2013 Chevy Volt

The 2013 Chevy Volt is the latest hybrid offered by Chevy. It has a high starting price of $39,145, but the Volt is actually one of the better plug-in hybrid models available. When designing the car, Chevy looked at the average commute of most Americans, which was about 40 miles. They said, let’s build a car with an electric range of the average commute, and they actually did it. Most Volt drivers can drive each day without having to use any gas. Electricity costs much less than gasoline, so that’s pretty big savings. At this point, the price will be too prohibitive for most drivers, but if you’ve got the cash, don’t let this recall stop you.

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