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The Top 3 Most Common Auto Repairs in the U.S.

Auto mechanicsA vehicle breakdown of any kind can throw a huge monkey wrench into your life.

Many automotive problems are preventable with diligent maintenance, while others are bound to happen at some point despite the most attentive care from a car owner.

Below is a listing of the current top three most common car repairs performed in the United States—all of which are preventable with proper care and maintenance.

Number 1

Across the U.S., the currently reigning most common automotive repair  is replacing a vehicle’s oxygen sensor.

Various factors can lead to the need to replace an oxygen sensor, such as exhaust leaks and contamination from unburned oil due to engine misfire.

Replacing an oxygen sensor before it has lived out its life expectancy can typically be avoided through stringent engine maintenance.

There are signs you can watch for that indicate an oxygen sensor may need to be replaced, including engine faltering, poor acceleration, and the “check engine” light coming on when you’re driving.

Number 2

Catalytic converter replacement comes in at the number two most common repair.

Having to replace your catalytic converter before it’s time is typically avoidable with preventive maintenance.

A catalytic converter can be destroyed by engine conditions like a leaky fuel injector or a misfiring engine. If you find yourself having to replace a catalytic converter, make sure the cause is diagnosed and corrected so the same problem doesn’t kill your new catalytic converter.

Tied for Third

The third most common vehicle repair is determined by where a motorist lives.

In the western U.S., mass airflow sensor replacement is the number three most common automotive repair.

Your car’s mass airflow sensor can be affected by the weather—both the dry and dusty road conditions of summer and the snowy, salty, icy conditions of winter.

Drivers can avoid the expense of replacing the mass airflow sensor by keeping their vehicle’s air filter clean. Just remember that changing a filter is cheap and replacing a mass air filter costs hundreds.

In the Midwest and Northeast, however, the number three most common repair is replacing damaged or loose fuel caps, while in the South, ignition coil and spark plug replacement has the edge.

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