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Posted by on Aug 20, 2013 in Maintenance | 0 comments

How Does Summer Affect My Car?

How Does Summer Affect My Car?

It’s Tiny here, again. This time I’m going to look at how summer weather conditions can affect your car. The leaves will be falling pretty soon, but it doesn’t look to be cooling down any time soon. With the heat, some damage might have been done to your car. Here are a few areas to keep an eye on. Remember, it’s never too late to start taking better care of your car.

The Battery

Having your car exposed to super hot temperatures can do damage on a number of things, but your battery is an especially important part to keep in mind. The battery fluid can evaporate, which can harm internal systems. You want to have your battery checked often during hot weather. If you have a car where battery fluid needs to be topped off, you yourself can check the levels and do that. You should also make sure battery is clean.

Keeping It Cool

For obvious reasons, your car’s cooling system has to work a lot harder during those hot summer days. The general rule is to have your coolant changed once a year to keep the system clean, but you should also keep an eye on your fluid levels. If you run out of coolant, your car will probably overheat. Remember when you’re looking under the hood to never touch the radiator cap until your car has been allowed to cool down. You should also check if all belts and hoses are in good shape and not visibly damaged.


Hot pavement and rubber tires aren’t the best of friends. Summer weather will really put some wear on your tires, and the heat will cause the pressure to rise. When the weather cools off, you’ll want to check your tires and the pressure. Remember that the pressure numbers on your tire are for the tire, not your car. For the recommended inflation for your vehicle, look on the driver’s door.

Exterior and Interior

Those UV rays can also affect the look of your car. To protect the paint from fading and chipping, wash your car every week and wax it at least twice a year. When you’re parking, always try to find a shady spot. Investing in one of those interior windshield covers can help too.

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