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Posted by on Jun 28, 2016 in Maintenance | 0 comments

The Benefits of OEM Parts

Car mechanicOften, when your car is in need of a repair, it can seem alluring to go for the cheaper option offered to you by way of using after-market parts. “What’s the difference?” you might be asking yourself. There’s always a difference in the quality of manufacturing and that’s integral to your car’s value. By using “Original Equipment Manufacturer” parts, or OEM parts, you’ll retain your car’s value for longer, meaning its resale value will be the highest that it can be.

The Five Advantages of OEM Parts

At Tiny’s Auto, we’ll always use OEM parts on your car. Here are some of the important factors that go into making the difference count when it comes to choosing OEM parts over after-market or off-brand parts available for your car.

  • Designed to Fit: Because OEM parts were designed by the same people who designed the original parts of your car, there won’t be any signs that this new part isn’t a perfect fit or match. Instead of guessing or trying to match what’s already there, the parts are made from the same molds as the original.
  • They’re Going to Work: The risk that something will go wrong is minimal when it’s made by the same people who made the original. The only difference is that it’s being put on later than the car’s initial build.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: When you use after-market parts, you may be saving money in the short run, but in the long run, what if something goes wrong? With OEM parts, you’re backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, so if anything goes wrong within the first year of installation, you’ll be covered. That’s not the case with after-market parts.
  • Easier to Attain: You won’t have any trouble finding the OEM parts for a vehicle as they are always being made to ensure quality and kept in stock at various dealers and distributors worldwide.
  • Most Importantly, to Retain Your Car’s Value: All of the above add up to one thing: Your car is going to maintain its resale value when it’s repaired with OEM parts. That’s just a fact.

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